Tune up your wear for the Best Performance!

Protect & Extend the Life of all your Outdoor Wear.

Waterproof spray for hiking and camping gear

Need Your Horse Blankets Waterproof and Breathable?

Works Great & Keeps Your Horse Dry, Comfortable & Happy!

Breathable waterproof spray for Horse Blankets & Pet Apparel

Love Your Favorite Boots for Another Season!

Dry Guy lets your boots breathe while protecting against moisture, mold and stains!

Waterproofing spray for your hiking and camping gear

Camping in the Outdoors? Let's Stay Dry!

Spray your tent and tarps for a dry camping season!

Waterproof spray for tents and camping gear

Stay Dry This Year!

Eco-friendly formulation lets water vapour escape while keeping rain and moisture out.

Waterproof your hiking and camping gear

Your eco friendly solution

  • clothing fabric

    Mold protection Stain protection

  • 02

    tent fabrics

    Mold Protection
    Stain Protection

  • outdoor gear

    Content protection Stain Protection

Want proof?

  • Protection against rain, snow and water
  • Protection from harmful mold
  • Protection from unsitely stains


Save money with dry guy waterproofing

  • A concentrate bottle creates FOUR 473ml(16 fl oz.) bottles of spray.
  • A concentrate covers 240-300 square feet with each 473ml bottle.
  • A concentrate saves the environment by reducing packaging.
  • A concentrate reduces weight, eliminating costly shipping, saving you money.



Dry Guy Waterproofing

We developed a line of Superior Earth Friendly Waterproofing products just for the outdoor enthusiasts that gives reliable protection for the safety of your family and mother nature!